Manas Energy Park

Welcome to the Manas Energy Park, a place to recharge your internal batteries, relax, meditate, accelerate the healing process, and receive nature’s healing energies.


Society for a Holistic Lifestyle

Healing T-Shirts

Cotton shirt with its unique symbol has healing and positive impact on the improvement of imbalances in the body

Saanyo method

Our special approach to holistic healing is a system of 24 steps  which enables us to discover, in the most effective way, problems in an individual, and to choose the best combination of techniques of treatment.

Holistic approach

Our principle is that the healing process is viewed globally: The main cause of illness is an imbalance between the body, mind and spirit

Orgon devices

Is a unique device for treating and balancing energy vortices (chakras) of an individual. The device is therefore very effective in treating various diseases or conditions


The society has long been trying to raise awareness about the holistic approach, to link people who are interested in personal and spiritual growth and to deepen and broaden the knowledge of spiritual methods

Gong bath

Experience relaxing healing sound massage

Craniosacral therapy

Gentle manual technique that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance

Latest posts

Dr. Semir Osmanagić v Energijskem parku Manas

Dr. Semir Osmanagić v Energijskem parku Manas

V Centru Manas posebnega gosta. Našo skupnost si je namreč ogledal dr. Semir Osmanagić, najditelj bosanske Piramide Sonca in vodja fundacije, ki izvaja izkopavanja in promocijo po celem svetu, v Ljubljani je …

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Mana(s) za dušo in telo

Mana(s) za dušo in telo

Vabljeni na osrednji dogodek Centra Manas, ki bo v energijskem parku Manas v soboto 14. oktobra s pričetkom ob 11. uri. Lani smo prvič izpeljali posebno predstavitev našega centra in doživeli velik in lep odziv navdušenih obiskovalcev…

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Kitarski koncert

Kitarski koncert

Vabljeni na koncert Alena Garagića v energiskem parku Manas v nedeljo 5.8. ob 19h. Alen je že vrsto let naš prijatelj in tako se vsi veselimo večera ob njegovem čudovitem igranju – vedno se zlije z glasbo oz. stremi k poponi harmoniji v glasbi.

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