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The name MANAS implies several meanings and, accordingly, our activities regarding personal and spiritual development are also diverse. Manas in Sanskrit means mind, intellect – mana is godly or spiritual nectar – manas(tir) is a temple of God – and manu/manual means manual work as the phenomenon of manifestation and grounding. Thus, Manas means consciously bringing and anchoring the Light on Earth.

What sets us most is that we are a bunch of friends living and working as a small cohousing community on the outkirts of Ljubljana. Under the mentorship of our teacher Siona we have been studying various forms of healing and therapy approaches for at least fifteen years and, parallel to this, we’ve been working on ourselves: building a sound approach towards selves, others, Earth and God through identification and controlling our alter ego. Thus, as a result of becoming more understanding and viable, we can implement our inner master more efficiently.

Let us first invite you to our energy & healing park, where you can strenghten your life energy, relax or meditate in the CIRCLE OF LIFE, INFINITY SYMBOL AND GALAXY. When you will let yourself be drawn by the magic healing energies, you will either ground yourself or open to your higher-self, soul, God … The park is also described in Primož Hieng’s book: VODNIK PO ZDRAVILNIH ENERGIJAH, Part 2 (GUIDE ON HEALING ENERGIES)

If you need additional therapies to the classical medical treatment (we believe that the integration of traditional and complementary medicine can provide better conditions for treatment and improve the quality of life in general), we can recommend therapies with our orgone healing devices (Pyramid and UNA). The energy park and orgone devices are designed upon idea of our mentor Siona, and we, Manas members, are trained to work with them.

Besides the peculiarities mentioned above, we also practice widely known methods of alternative treatments. So you can make an appointment for massage, Craniosacral therapy, Theta-Healing, Tesla Metamorphosis, Access Bars, reiki, individual or partner therapy, or you can join us at regular meditations, yoga, sound bath with a gong and crystal bowls.

Some members are also artistically gifted and they express their aspirations through cosmogrammes, photography, they make energy coasters and jewellery, mandala-mosaics and marble images. We have a beautiful common room where we gather and have both fun and workshops. We rent it for a variety of workshops or lectures (up to 30 people).

If you wish to learn more about our community, you can read our members’ reflections. This would be the easiest way to get a picture of who we are. You are cordially invited to Mali Lipoglav, on the outskirts of Ljubljana, amidst immaculate nature, to visit energy & healing park or attend one of our activities or therapies.

 With Love, Manas community!

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The healing process is viewed globally


We believe that the integration of traditional and complementary medicine can provide better conditions for treatment and improve the quality of life in general. This means that the health of an individual depends not only on his physical condition, but to a large extent on his attitude to life in general, and especially on his attitude towards beliefs and God.

The official medicine usually interprets the disease as a physical and, to a lesser extent, a psychological condition. This has proved to be too narrow an aspect of treating human being. Our principle is that the healing process is viewed globally: The main cause of illness is an imbalance between the body, mind and spirit. A complete recovery in the long run is not possible (especially the cure of chronic and serious illness) if the disease is not treated systematically by the principle of integrity. And at this point, faith and trust are the most important elements, as they enable us to surpass our limited physical world and reach the state of mind and spirit.


Personal growth as a condition for permanent cure


Faith and our attitude towards God, life, people, nature, animals and plants are the pre-condition through which we can overcome our disease and expect a positive outcome of this “fight”. Any imbalance of the body, mind and spirit (i.e. disease) reminds us that we need to entirely change our current way of life that has led us to the disease. We need to change not only the physical state but also the state of our mind, thoughts, attitudes, relationships and awareness. Deeper understanding of the nature of diseases and causes is not possible without personal and spiritual growth, and without this understanding, our chances of permanent cure are much lower.

Forming commuities


The Manas society has long been trying to raise awareness about the holistic approach, to link people who are interested in personal and spiritual growth and to deepen and broaden the knowledge of spiritual methods. We have participated in the preparation of laws governing complementary medicine, standing for an equal position of complementary and traditional medicine and their integration, promoting the establishment of holistic health centres and encouraging creation of communities where inhabitants can live according to the holistic principles.

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