House Pyramid - Stargate

House pyramid

The healing orgone generator is a unique device for treating and balancing energy vortices (chakras) of an individual. Its aerodynamic design, choice of materials (wood, crystals, metal) and structure are designed in such a way that the machine collects the energy of the universe, concentrates it, and then evenly distributes horizontally, vertically and spirally around person, who sits in the centre of the machine. In this way the generator provides maximum efficiency in solving the problems for which the individual has come into the machine.

Each component of the orgone generator has its own purpose. The top of it (amethyst sphere, gold ‘cage’, silver spiral, pearl shell, 3 layers of wooden circles and 24 pyramids (12 turned up, 12 down) collects cosmic energies, which are transferred through 12 wooden sticks wrapped with copper wire towards the lower part of the generator (wooden 12-points star of different colours, each point has two corresponding crystals). Pyramids facing down and the metal act as a conduit of energy.

The orgone generator was developed with the knowledge of universal principles and universal energies and their channelling, transferring and focusing, and with the knowledge of human body functioning.

The machine works non-stop (it is always in standby mode). Therefore a mediator-healer is needed to direct energies onto the individual sitting in the machine, and who further directs energy to all parts of the body, especially to those which are in greatest need of healing. In fact, the healer regulates the flow of energies, in order to optimize the performance of the orgone generator, and at the same time balances them according to the needs of the individual sitting in the centre of it.

The orgone generator is therefore very effective in treating various diseases or conditions (stress, neuroses, insomnia, headaches, panic attacks, anxiety, etc.) for everyone who chooses such treatment.


An extraordinary experience!

“For me the house pyramid is like a Stargate. It’s a door that is opening and connecting me directly to other worlds and realities in a very profound and grounded way. An extraordinary experience!”

Marina Trost, Nemčija

Jazz Singer & Music for Meditation performer

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