Orgone generator UNA


Una healing device – orgone generator is a bit different from the “House Pyramid” While the energy within the “House Pyramid” initially starts to flow from top to bottom and then simultaneously in both directions, the energy within UNA starts from the Earth upwards and then simultaneously in both directions.

UNA represents female principle

The base is a round wooden board with different engraved symbols which contribute to the healing process. 12 orgonites with crystals, 12 crystal obelisks and 12 wooden flowers of life, all in the colours of chakras, enhance the healing power of the device.

UNA represents female principle and helps overcome problems regarding lack of female energy, where blockades and problems reflect in physical body.  It gives best results in the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, liver and urinary tract, gynecological problems and problems with the thyroid gland.



“Sitting in the orgone generator is like having the most beautiful shower of sparkling light energy moving through every cell and all my bodies. A gentle but intense flow that is washing away all heaviness and being replaces by pure light. Deep relaxation and healing is allowed to happen. Simply marvellous!”

Marina Trost, Nemčija

Jazz Singer & Msic for Meditation Performer

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