Saanyo Methoda

by Siona Levstik

Saanyo method is a method of complementary healing, where we consider holistic approach to health of any individual. This means, that the health of an individual depends not only on his physical condition, but to a large extent on its attitude to life in general and in particular its attitude towards religion and God. Saanyo method takes into account that the disease is a combination of psychological and physical imbalances – a combination of mismatch of body, mind and spirit. In practice this means that a complete recovery is not possible in the long term (particularly for chronic and serious diseases) where the treatment of diseases are not tackle systematically in the sense of principle of integrity.

And because of that, both Faith and Trust in God, are the most important, as they enables us to transcend the boundaries of our limited physical world and reaches to a state of mind and spirit. Faith and our relationship to God, life, people, nature, animals and plants are a necessary condition by which we can overcome our disease and expect positive outcome from this “fight”.

Any mismatch condition of the body, mind and spirit (read disease), reminds us that we need to comprehensively change our current way of life that brought us to the disease. We need to change not only the physical condition but also the state of our mind, thoughts, attitudes and awareness. Deeper understanding of the nature of the disease and its reasons are not possible without a personal and spiritual growth. Without this understanding, our prospects for sustained recovery are considerably smaller.


Saanyo method is intended primarily for education of healers and therapists, for those who are just starting with healing and already experienced healers and therapists – those which tend to improve and expand their offers – for a more comprehensive and more complex treatments.

Saanyo method, as an alternative method of healing, takes into account system of 24 steps – two times by 12 steps. The first set of 12 steps enables us to discover in the most effective way, problems in individual or couple who is/are in treatment; with the second set of 12 steps we choose the best combination of techniques of treatment for an individual or couple who is/are under treatment. That means that we select such techniques that will most affective in the removal of physical, mental and psychological problems and permanent removal of the emotional-astral junk.

Saanyo method has 12 levels of training

After completing level 4, one can start healing by Saanyo method but can only use certain techniques. Candidates are obligated, before starting the training, to take a skill test. The test consists of written, oral and practical work and is set individually. Following the results, a personal training plan for each participant is made. Training consists of 50% of group work and 50% of individual work. After the completion of each level the participants receive a certificate stating the giving level.

The first set of 12 steps:

  1. determines which of the four bodies is best developed (physical, mental, emotional or astral body);
  2. determines which of the above mentioned bodies is most blocked;
  3. determines the fluidity of these bodies from the weakest to the most fluid one. On this basis, the specific vibrational pattern of luminous body that is unique to the individual is assigned.
  4. determines the ideal colour spectrum the soul has chosen for the current task and life on Earth;
  5. takes into consideration the date and place of birth of the individual, his parents and close relatives, as well as the relationships, in order to determine the specific karmic patterns;
  6. takes into consideration the process of growing up and socialization;
  7. takes into consideration the principles and scale of values which an individual has created in relation to himself, to others and to the world in general;
  8. Step 8 – takes into account the individual’s attitude towards beliefs and God in the broad sense of the word, as well as his attitude to religion and its understanding;
  9. takes into account the individual’s attitude to his physical body and sporting activities, as well as the degree of vitality in general;
  10. determines the dietary plan with an emphasis on vitamin and mineral content and their balance;
  11. determines the toxicity of the body and toxic effects of the environment, radiation, etc.., and at the same time provides the best methods for detoxification;
  12. takes into account the system of 13 chakras, their interaction and balance, focusing on the level of strength of the immune and respiratory systems.

The second set of 12 steps includes:

  1. Set of physical-mental and astral-emotional exercises which further enhance the most developed body of an individual;
  2. set of physical-mental and astral-emotional exercises which stimulate the body with most blockades to become more effective;
  3. set of exercises taking into account the colour scale unique to the individual;
  4. set of exercises stimulating the connection of conscious awareness of an individual with his or her subconscious;
  5. set of exercises to raise awareness of an individual regarding his/her way of functioning in relation to a partner, children, parents, brothers and sisters, relatives;
  6. set of exercises to raise awareness of an individual regarding his/her way of functioning towards friends, colleagues and enemies;
  7. set of exercises to transcend limitations of physical world, norms, rules and rigidity of mind, as well as to promote moral and ethical values in general;
  8. set of exercises to expand the spiritual range of an individual, encourage his/her tolerance, understanding and compassion to oneself, to others and to the different ones;
  9. set of exercises to stimulate physical activity and vitality of the physical body;
  10. preparing tailor-made diet and training on healthy and balanced diet;
  11. determining the most appropriate method for detoxification of the physical body and improving living space of a person;
  12. determining the most appropriate method for strengthening the immune system, different breathing techniques, as well as exercises that most effectively stimulate the proper function of all 13 chakras and other energy systems.


Stroj za zdravljenje ali Hišna piramida

Je unikatna naprava za zdravljenje in uravnoteženje čaker posameznika. Oblikovan je tako, da zbira energijo iz univerzuma, jo koncentrira in nato enakomerno porazdeliti horizontalno, vertikalno in spiralno okoli bitja v stroju


Stroj za zdravljenje UNA

UNA predstavlja ženski princip delovanja in se uporablja predvsem pri posameznikih, ki imajo probleme s pomanjkanjem ženske energije v svojem sistemu delovanja oziroma se uporablja predvsem pri blokadah in težavah, ki se odražajo na fizičnem telesu


Stroj za zdravljenje UNIUM

UNIUM predstavlja moški princip delovanja in se uporablja predvsem pri posameznikih, ki imajo probleme s pomanjkanjem moške energije in je zelo uspešen pri zdravljenju prostate, mehurja, sečovodov in ledvic, težav z ušesi, grlom in nosom ter srca in ožilja


Majice za zdravljenje, ki vsebujejo znak zdravja

Bombažne majice s svojim unikatnim simbolom, vtkanim v območju srčne čakre, delujejo zdravilno in ugodno vplivajo na izboljšanje negativnih stanj v telesu ter so zelo dober pripomoček pri zdravljenju različnih bolezni


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